West Country Renovations v McDowell


Technology & Construction Court Jurisdiction

In West Country Renovations v McDowell the TCC made a Practice Direction in order to make clear the level and type of cases that should be brought in the TCC in London.

It was concerned that, because of its ability to provide case management and quicker trial dates, inappropriate cases were being pursued in the Court. It only has 4 Judges at present and there are very considerable demands on their time.

The Practice Direction provides that claims for £250,000 or less should generally be brought in the County Courts or other trial centres outside London where there is a TCC designated Judge. Various exceptions are identified including adjudications and test cases and cases involving complex legal issues.

Any case now brought incorrectly in the TCC in London will be transferred to other courts so that, rather than pursuing claims there to obtain a quicker result, any inappropriate claim will be delayed by the need to transfer it elsewhere.