Autumn Training Day – Issues arising with mixed use premises



Mixed use is most certainly in vogue. We constantly read about new gleaming mixed use developments where developers have residential properties usually situated above offices, shops, restaurants or even hotels. In many respects this is nothing new and is a return to the pre Victorian way we lived. There was over the past 150 years a steady separation between commercial and residential areas and thus a division between such developments. But the pressures of population growth and the reluctance to develop in greenfield sites has led to a rapidly changing development world. The centres of our cities are now once again places in which to live.

In this seminar we are going to focus upon some key areas where pitfalls can occur. This is however merely an introduction to the subject and one would need far more time to delve in great depth with all aspects of the subject including the planning and finance issues. We shall be looking at which statutory code applies to the property, forfeiture, rights of first refusal, enfranchisement, the right to manage and service charges.

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