Annual Conference – How to deliver a great speaker presentation


Lawrence Bernstein & Charlie Ward Great Speech Writing for the Property Litigation Association Annual Conference

Keble College, Oxford – Friday, 27 March 2015

Lawrence Bernstein sits in the top bracket of speech writers in the UK.

Discretion sits at the heart of all his client relationships. These include senior politicians in the UK and Europe, CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, world champions and high-level administrators from the world of sport, top-ranking people at NGOs across the globe, and many leaders of tomorrow.

His Cambridge degree in history and MPhil in International Relations, allied to his corporate background (strategic consultancy  to some of the world’s biggest banks and wealth managers) have helped furnish Lawrence with a breadth of understanding of geo-political issues, economics, finance and social trends that is unique amongst speech writers.

Lawrence runs a business that provides speeches and presentations for international conferences, high-profile events, think   tanks, dinners and a wide-range of social occasions. He focuses his own time on working with a select number of clients whose company he enjoys and whose subject matter fascinates him. His consultative relationship with these clients is based on an innate understanding of their end goals. Their speeches will be written to achieve those goals and to add long-term value to their personal brand.

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This session focused on how to present with impact.

So many legal speeches, pitches and seminars are handicapped by dry content and over-formal delivery.

As a result, audiences are often underwhelmed.

So we looked at how to (and how not to!) deliver a great speech.

We took an example of a perfect pitch, and dissected why it works, focusing on its two component parts:

Content (i.e. WHAT is said) and Delivery (i.e. HOW it is given).

The session was light (but hopefully informative), and used examples of high profile speakers and how they have used the tools that help create real impact.

Those who attended the session will remember the ONE WORD that made it all worthwhile!

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