Post-conference Blog from the Chair, Alison Hardy


Blog from the PLA Chair, Alison Hardy
March 2017

The 2017 Annual PLA conference and dinner was a resounding success and my thanks and congratulations go to your Education & Trainee Committee (Ben Barrison, Kate Andrews, Rebecca Biggin, Richard Flenley, Scott Goldstein, Benjamin Hatton, Jonathan Hibberts, Simone Ketchell, Nick Lloyd, Lara Nyman and Rob Shaw) for putting on such an enjoyable and informative event.

At the dinner we presented Lord Neuberger with a miniature version of the garden bench that we have bought for him and which will soon be delivered with a suitable inscription.

On the Friday we enjoyed exciting and interesting talks from a wide variety of speakers from a wide range of chambers including Wilberforce, Maitland, Tanfield, Falcon, Selborne and Landmark.  Jonathan’s talk was recorded by the EG and is available here

Claer Barrett kicked off the training with the market session and ably gave us a global context in which to place the rest of the day’s events.  Our other non-legal speakers were our president Liz Peace and Nick Davies of Really Great Training.  Conference materials will shortly be appearing on the website.

As the conference took place on Red Nose Day, we encouraged donations and the PLA matched the donations made.  We raised £635 which has been passed to Comic Relief.  Thank you for your generous donations.


For those of you who attended, please do let us have your feedback via the survey monkey so we can continue to ensure the conference meets or exceeds your expectations.

The conference also saw the announcement that the new PLA website will be launched in the next couple of weeks – look out for more on this.  Thanks to your website and marketing committee Gary Lawrenson, Mark Reading, Lara Nyman, Paul Barker, Sarah Beck, Mary Block and Charlotte Ross for their hard work on this.  TELA are doing a great job in refreshing our website.

Finally, I wish you all a happy and relaxing Easter.