Blog from the PLA Vice Chair – No case too big to be tried in the regions



“No case too big to be tried in the regions”
..…that was one of the assertions made by Lord Justice Briggs in his recent report.   It’s great to see this now being put into action by my local Court.

Birmingham High Court is leading the way once again with the opening of its new Business and Property Court in the city on 6 July 2017. It will combine the strengths of its Chancery, Mercantile and Technology and Construction Court under one roof.

This new Court will introduce flexible listing and modern procedures akin to those already running in the Rolls Building including:-

  • electronic issue and otherwise using modern technology to provide a more efficient service;
  • shorter turnaround times;
  • each case being actively managed to deliver progress to earlier trial dates;
  • dedicated emails when contacting the Court;
  • increased availability of High Court Judges to hear the biggest cases

The Judges and Court staff in Birmingham are keen to hear from PLA members as key users of this new Property Court.  They want our views to help shape the development of its administration and procedures. We can all get involved by contacting the local Court User Group which meets regularly.  Contact: Ed Pepperall QC of St Philip’s Stone Chambers.

This is the shape of things to come ….. new Business and Property Courts are following in London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff.

Martin Edwards
PLA Vice Chair and Co-ordinator of PLA Regional Groups