Ofcom Consultation on the Electronic Communications Code: Digital Economy Bill – PLA response (June 2017)


Generally, the PLA Law Reform Committee is very supportive of the Code of Practice. We agree that it is important to set out expectations for the conduct of the parties under the New Code.

We also endorse the aim of the New Code that parties should treat each other professionally and with respect when dealing with each other under the New Code.

We particularly endorse the idea that it is central to the New Code that the parties maintain good communication, in order to facilitate good working relationships. In the past, our clients have found it difficult to establish and maintain effective lines of communication.

Having said that, we do consider that the Code of Practice is drafted more with the interests of operators in mind, rather than being balanced towards the interests of both landowners/landlords and operators.

To read the full PLA response, prepared by members of the PLA Law Reform Committee, click here.