Blog from the JPLA, New checklists for junior members


New Checklists for JPLA members

We are fast approaching that time of year when newly qualified vacancies are released and we are looking forward to welcoming new junior members to the Association. With that in mind the JPLA Committee have given some thought to how we can best help our junior members in their roles through providing know-how aimed specifically at our more junior members.

Whilst of course every firm will have their own policy and approach, we think that there are some key areas within our practice that we can help to demystify for juniors. Using a checklist format, we intend to give guidance on where to start, key procedural steps and pointers as to where to find out more information.

We are therefore pleased to launch our first two checklists for junior members –

  • one for serving either an unopposed section 25 notice or section 26 request pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant 1954; and
  • the other for pursuing a terminal dilapidations claim.

We hope that our junior members find these useful. If you have any ideas of topics that you would like to see a checklist on, or any other know-how ideas as to what would be helpful for juniors, then please do get in touch with either myself ( or our JPLA chair, Georgina (