Blog from Ben Barrison, Chair of the Education and Training Committee


A big thank you from the Education & Training Committee to all our delegates, speakers and guests who attended the recent conference in Oxford.  We are currently awaiting the formal survey feedback but, based on the informal messages we’ve had, it seems the event has again been well-received.  If you haven’t yet filled in the online survey about the conference, please do so as soon as possible as your feedback is a valuable part of our planning process for future events.

On the subject of future events, it won’t be long until the inaugural Northern Training Day on 6 June 2018.  The line- up for the event is extremely strong, featuring 4 QCs and 2 High Court Judges. Richard Cressall (Chair PLA North), Rob Shaw (E&T), Tim Power and the Northern Region Committee have worked tirelessly to launch this event and we are hoping a strong debut will make it another fixture in our calendar.  If you would like to attend, the details are on our website –

 With one major event just finishing and another about to take place, it must surely be time for us to start planning yet another major training event  – the Autumn Training Day 2018.  This will take place on 8 November 2018 at the usual venue of The Royal Society of medicine.  The E&T Committee are meeting soon to start usual brainstorming and planning sessions.  Keeping things fresh and relevant is essential, so, as ever, we are keen to hear from members about topics they think we should cover or speakers we should invite – please email me or one of the E&T team if there are ideas you would like to put forward (see link below to who we are). 

Late 2017 and the start of 2018 seems to have been an extremely busy time for Property Litigators, so I would like to thank the E&T Committee for their efforts in putting together the 2017 Autumn Training Day and the 2018 Conference and, of course, Tim Power for his always sterling service at these events.

 If you would like to get in touch with the E&T, here’s our committee page with our details –

 Best wishes