JPLA Checklist for Terminal Dilapidations Claims



This checklist is intended to assist members of the PLA who are dealing with terminal dilapidations claims by providing an overview of the steps that may be taken or considered during the pre-action period. Members dealing with these issues should also refer to the relevant case law, textbooks and practice guides as set out in this checklist. In particular, members should consult Dowding & Reynolds, Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice. This checklist is correct as at March 2018 and will be updated on a yearly basis.

Whilst of course every firm will have their own policy and approach, we think that there are some key areas within our practice that we can help to demystify for juniors. Using a checklist format, we intend to give guidance on where to start, key procedural steps and pointers as to where to find out more information.

To download the checklist for TERMINAL DILAPIDATIONS CLAIMS  click here.