The Northern Training Day: Richard Cressall shares his thoughts


As you may know, we had our our very first PLA Northern Training Day back in June.  This took place in central Leeds and was attended by over 70 delegates.

It seemed that an afternoon format (followed by drinks) worked quite well and certainly the promise of liquid refreshment seemed persuasive with the judges.

We have received feedback from a large number of attendees and it seems that the event went down well.  I certainly enjoyed it, but I was also slightly taken aback by how enthusiastically the event was received.  This was a brilliant idea raised by the PLA’s Northern Committee, carried into effect by Rob Shaw (DLA Piper) and Tim Power of TPS Norfolk.

Huge thanks go to the speakers: Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC, Tom Weekes QC, Bruce Walker, Joanne Wicks QC, Camilla Lamont, HHJ Jonathan Klein and HHJ Malcolm Davis-White QC, who between them covered a diverse range of interesting and entertaining topics, from recission to chip shop delivery etiquette.

Massive thanks to the PLA Northern Region for turning out in such numbers.  We get the message.  We will do it again and, hopefully, it is now a fixture.  We know there are some points to work on for next time.  A bigger venue (with shorter toilet queues) is on our list.  We also will try to do the next event in Manchester.

The next Northern Region event is on 6 September in Manchester and will be a discussion of Ground (f) with a panel of distinguished silks from Landmark and an expert from Malcolm Hollis.  Do not miss it. We are also planning Bring a Surveyor events for the Northern region to happen in late Autumn.

Best wishes for the Summer


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