Profile of the PLA appears in the Estates Gazette


Taking property litigation to another level – profile of the PLA in Estates Gazette,  4 August 2018.


At a time of seismic change for property litigation, the PLA is aiming to take the profession to another level in its push for wider reform.

This was one of the key messages that PLA Chair Martin Edwards and Chair of the Law Reform Committee Mathew Ditchburn shared with EG in a timely profile of the Association.

The four-page article – published on 4 August and reproduced on EG’s website – provided an ideal opportunity for Martin and Mathew to discuss the PLA’s work supporting the sector.

“I think the job of our Association is not just to keep our members abreast of developments and make sure we are up to date with what’s going on, but also to get involved with the debate,” Martin Edwards said.

Mathew Ditchburn highlighted the PLA’s growing role in many aspects of law reform, including the Association’s top 10 priorities. “In the realm of law reform, the biggest challenge is actually getting the attention of government to change anything,” he pointed out, adding that “if it’s not Brexit, they are not interested”.

Nevertheless, the PLA is scoring some notable successes and is determined to raise the bar. “The PLA is committed to being at the forefront of developments in our field, whether that’s the debates on law reform or procedural change in the courts and tribunals,” Martin Edwards concluded. “I think we can promise you will be hearing a lot more from us.”

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Estates Gazette podcast
Listen to Martin and Mathew talking to the Estates Gazette earlier in June on how they are seeking to further raise the profile of the PLA and its work, including being at the forefront of the drive for law reform, the PLA’s reform priorities and successes, the challenges and opportunities facing property litigators and why an era of great change makes it such a good time to be joining the profession.