HHJ Marc Dight sends us his 5 Top Tips for property litigators at Central London


Tips for property litigators at Central London

Those who attended the PLA’s “Ask the Judiciary” panel event on 31st October 2018 will recall HHJ Marc Dight’s top 5 tips for property litigators using the County Court at Central London, and reference to the hotline for urgent appointments and the senior managers’ email addresses for directing issues and complaints.  For reference, these are set out below.

1.  Issue in the Business & Property (Chancery) list at Central London by putting the claim form in the drop box, unless urgent.  Clearly mark your claim form, PCs (Particulars of Claim) and correspondence as “Chancery Business”;

2.  only send in applications or correspondence by one means (ie Post or DX or Email) but not all three;

3.  if the case is docketed to a Circuit Judge arrange delivery of bundles, etc. directly with his/her clerk (you should have their contact details from the CMC) and copy any applications or correspondence to the clerk thereafter;

4.  file skeleton arguments via the appropriate skeleton inbox (and no other):  Centrallondoncjskel@justice.gov.uk (for CJs and Recorders) and Centrallondondjskel@justice.gov.uk (for DJs and DDJs);

5.  if an application is urgent call the urgent appointments line (0207 947 7502) and make arrangements to see a judge. The court considers that urgent matters include the following: (a) a limitation period will expire within 5 days; (b) a matter needs to be put before a judge within 24 hours; (c) an application for a without notice or other urgent injunction; (d) applications relating to trespassers and squatters.

If you need to contact the senior managers their email addresses are as follows:

Sam Friend, Court Manager: samantha.friend@Justice.gov.uk

Ian Byfield, Office Manager: ian.byfield@Justice.gov.uk

Robert Pheby: Robert.Pheby@Justice.gov.uk


November 2018