Central London Chancery Users Group 16 May 2019


Central London Chancery Users Group

There is a Chancery Users Group meeting on 16 May 2019 and we would like to hear from members about their recent experiences of the Chancery List at Central London and also Central London Court Court more generally.  The purpose of this meeting is to feed back to the judiciary and senior administrative staff the particular issues being experienced by court users and to get updates from them.  This forum is not a substitute for the surgeries where you can discuss particular cases but it is helpful to have specific case names and claim numbers.

If you have experiences of this court that you would like to share, could you please email the case name, claim number and a short summary of your experience to lawreform@pla.org.uk.  This will help us identify trends which we can discuss at the meeting.

It is only by raising issues that we can try to effect improvements so please do take the time to email.