Second Northern Training Day – blog from PLA North Chair, Richard Cressall


The second Northern Training Day – this time in Manchester #NTD2

Our second Northern Training Day started with a bang in Manchester. This year in Manchester we had approximately 30% more attendees than last year’s sell out event in Leeds. As the Mancunian karaoke playlist died away, we began with a short introduction from our chair Bryan Johnston. We were then treated to a very entertaining run through a host of topics, from negotiating damages all the way to patio power-washing.

The speakers were both engaging and entertaining. We are very grateful to Jonathan Seitler QC, John McGhee QC, Geraint Wheatley, Katharine Holland QC, Mark Warwick QC and Janet Bignell QC for their informative and helpful papers and talks. I understand their notes and papers will be available on the website shortly for those who missed it (or have lost their papers).

We are still awaiting feedback from a significant number of attendees. Please do fill out the emailed online survey and tell us all the good bits and the bad bits, so we can make it even better next year.

Many thanks to Rebecca Campbell and Rob Shaw, who did all the hard work, and to the Northern Committee who are brilliant. Lastly and most importantly, thanks to Tim Power who did a significant amount of work to make the day possible.

The next events in the North will be training with Landmark Chambers in Newcastle, training with Kings Chambers in Leeds (both in September/October – watch this space) and what we hope will be the first “simultaneous locations” bring a surveyor event in October/November connected by some sort of video link across the North in at least two locations (here’s hoping anyway).

Richard Cressall
Chair, PLA North