Wine-tasting Evening in aid of Landaid – Cancelled


Wine-tasting Evening in aid of Landaid

(A joint event with the Commercial Real Estate Legal Association (CRELA))

Now cancelled – new date in better times

This event should have taken place in the viewing lounge at Level 32 of One Blackfriars in London on Thursday 14 May (postponed previously from 13 February!).

The committees had hoped that this could have been rescheduled in the foreseeable future, and so all reservations and donations remained in place in the meantime.

But it is now clear that this event cannot take place while social distancing remains in place.

Therefore sadly, this event is now cancelled, and the whole publicity and booking process will begin anew when next considered viable.  Both committees remain committed to the event.

Attendance was free, and therefore there are no fees to return. However, some firms/individuals had made donations in advance.  TPS is in the process of either returning donations or, and happily in the vast majority of cases, forwarding them to LandAid at the request of the donors.  Needless to say that LandAid are even more grateful than ever for each and every penny of support in these difficult times.

Finally, there was the small matter of a considerable quantity of fine wine languishing in a storeroom at One Blackfriars!  John Gould, senior partner at Russell-Cooke had kindly agreed to lead the wine-tasting.  In a very generous gesture because this was a charity event, John and his firm have now taken over responsibility for the cost and storage of the wine. On behalf of both committees many thanks indeed to Russell-Cooke.