The Boundary Disputes Mediation Service


After many years’ work behind the scenes, the Property Litigation Association and RICS have launched a new mediation service to help neighbours resolve disputes over their property boundaries without resorting to court action.

The Boundary Disputes Mediation Service draws on a 16-strong panel of mediators, lawyers and surveyors who are experienced in neighbour and boundary disputes. A fixed fee is agreed at the outset, avoiding the high, often spiralling, costs of litigation, and parties can retain control of the negotiation process.

The new service, supported by the Civil Justice Council, is in line with the ambitions of the government and judiciary to find ways of resolving disputes other than through litigation. It is very timely, with anecdotal evidence suggesting that disputes between neighbours increased during lockdown as people were confined to their homes.

Quarrels over seemingly minor issues such as fence ownership and access to driveways can quickly escalate with potentially devastating consequences, as the Mail Online’s article on the new service highlighted.

Anyone interested in using the service can apply via

To see the PLA’s press release, click here