The Property Litigation Association welcomes new members who are qualified to join. Please refer to our Articles and Memorandum for details as well to the document Membership Applications Guidelines. In summary, solicitors (but not trainees), legal executives and employed barristers may become members if they are substantially engaged in property litigation or property mediation. This is generally taken to exclude construction and planning.

The PLA year runs from 1st September to 31st August. New members may join the Association at any time but the full subscription is payable (unless the application is made in July or August). The subscription for 2021-22 is £90 pa and subscription will automatically entitle members to free access to the PLA’s livestream training events (and after the event recordings) throughout the year.

Click on ‘APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP’ below to download an application form.


The application form should be completed by the applicant and endorsed by two referees who must be current members of the Association.

In exceptional circumstances an application may be considered without a proposer or seconder provided the applicant provides full details of his / her property litigation practice.

The completed application should be submitted to the Administrator.

You will be notified whether or not your application to join the PLA has been successful. Once your membership has been approved you will automatically be notified of any events taking place in your region.


Honorary Members

The PLA created the new position in 2015 to honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Association and who are leaders in property litigation. The PLA’s intention is to award honorary membership sparingly and only to outstanding candidates, limiting these to one or two appointments per year.


  • Sheriff Craig
    Deputy Master Marsh


  • Nicholas Dowding QC
  • Wendy Miller


  • Katie Bradford
  • Jeremy Hudson


  • Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President of the PLA for some 20 years
  • Vivien King
  • Suzanne Lloyd Holt

Academic Members

In order to strengthen and benefit from its ties with academia as well as promote the area of property litigation as a career choice to undergraduates, the PLA now has a category of Associate Membership for academics specialising in property law.

Academic members as at October 2021

  • Prof Susan Bright, University of Oxford
  • Chris Bevan, Durham University
  • Prof Simon Cooper, Aston University
  • Prof Martin Dixon, University of Cambridge
  • Amy Goymour, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Nick Hopkins, University of Reading
  • James Lee, King’s College, London
  • Dr Emma Lees, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Sarah Nield, University of Southampton
  • Dr Brian Sloan, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Lisa Whitehouse, Hull University