News: May 2020


EG news story: PLA/PBA secure rethink on ‘licence to trespass’ during pandemic

The PLA and PBA have successful secured a rewrite of the court direction that effectively prevented the eviction of squatters from property during the Covid-19 pandemic. They jointly wrote to the Master of the Rolls seeking clarification and, in response, the Practice Direction has been amended to exclude possession claims against “persons unknown” who are […]

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EG article: How are the Law Commission’s proposals on leasehold enfranchisement affecting the market? By Natasha Rees

The Property Litigation Association has been instrumental in providing a comprehensive response to the Law Commission’s consultation on making enfranchisement easier, quicker and cheaper. Natasha Rees, a member of the PLA’s law reform committee, teamed up with Charlie Coombs of Gerald Eve and Henrietta Hammonds of Beckett and Kay to consider the main proposals and […]

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