PLA Law Reform Committee and engagement with HMCTS

The PLA Law Reform Committee has had meetings with HMCTS in respect of their wide-ranging reform programme. Below is a link that contains both a video link to a recent roadshow event and also a pdf of a Reform Update dated May 2018. The Update highlights the current and proposed reforms HMCTS is working […]

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What can a tenant do where a landlord fails to progress an application for consent to alterations or change of use? Miriam Seitler, Landmark Chambers

What can a tenant do where a landlord fails to progress an application for consent to alterations or change of use?  Miriam Seitler – Landmark Chambers May 2018 When considering the topic of landlord’s consents, it is important to distinguish between applications for consent for (1) alienation, (2) alterations/improvements and (3) change of use. The statutory […]

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Partnership Property Problems – article by Nic Taggart of Landmark

Nic Taggart (Landmark) In this paper, Nic Taggart reviews the basic principles of partnership law as they relate to partners holding real estate as partnership property.  He then applies those principles to some commonly arising factual scenarios, such as the liability of all partners for breaches of a lease held as partnership property by only […]

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Counting the Cost: Fire safety improvement post-Grenfell. Ben Maltz, Five Paper

Ben Maltz – Five Paper Ever since the tragic Grenfell fire, landlords of high-rise apartment blocks have understandably been quick to address potential fire risks that affect their buildings. This will have significant consequences in the field of residential service charges. In one of the first reported First-tier Tribunal decisions to consider such service charge […]

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Article by Tiffany Scott QC on the case of Rotrust Nominees Ltd v Hautford Ltd

Tiffany Scott QC (Wilberforce) The case of Rotrust Nominees Ltd v Hautford Ltd confirms that there is no general proposition that a landlord will be entitled to refuse consent to assign, or alter, or change the planning use of the demised premises on grounds of feared enfranchisement and the consequent loss of the landlord’s interest […]

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The PLA was referred to in Property Week commenting on the staircase tax

Property Week (website) 23 April 2018 PLA praises proposed revisions to counteract ‘staircase tax’ By Richard Hook  Mon 23 April 2018 The government has amended its draft bill on business rates in multi-occupied properties ahead of its second hearing in the House of Commons. The Property Litigation Association (PLA) has backed the revisions which have […]

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