No more hiding! Publication of persons holding a controlling interest in Scottish land

In September 2017, the First Minister announced the Scottish Government’s intention to prioritise transparency, accountability and community ownership in its programme of land reform. As part of this, it has now published draft Regulations to implement provisions of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 to establish a public register of people who own and manage […]

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Consultation to Cap Unreasonable Behaviour Costs – Tribunal Procedure Committee (TPC) agrees PLA’s Proposals

The Tribunal Procedure Committee (TPC) have decided not to cap the costs recoverable under Rule 13(1)(b) for unreasonable behaviour.  The TPC concluded, in agreement with the PLA’s Law Reform Committee proposal, that steps should be taken to publicise the guidance in Willow Court Management Company (1985) Limited v Alexander in a clear form to parties […]

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HMCTS – new monthly bulletin

New initiative – the HMCTS monthly bulletin PLA members are encouraged to sign up to receive the new monthly bulletin. To sign up click here.

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