Publications: March 2010


The Bridgewater Canal Company Limited v GEO Networks Limited

The Message An operator was required by the Electronic Communications Code to pay not only for the right to install a cable under a canal, but also the right to keep it there. The Case Although the Telecommunications Code first appeared over 20 years ago, there has been little reported case law on its provisions. […]

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Scullion v Bank of Scotland Plc

The Message Property valuers acting for lenders owe duties to the borrowers as well. The Case A buy-to-let purchaser sued the bank’s valuer for overvaluing the property for lending purposes on the basis the valuer knew he would rely on the valuation as well In 2001, Linden Homes began constructing a block of flats in […]

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FoodCo UK LLP & Ors v Henry Boot Developments Limited

The Message Tenants need to look before leasing. The Case Tenants who relied on information when agreeing to enter into their Agreements for Lease sought to hold the developer liable for misrepresentation as the development has turned out to be a commercial disaster for them In January 2008, Henry Boot opened a motorway service area […]

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