Publications: July 2013


Costs Budgeting & Costs Management – PLA response

Current Blanket Exception In The Admiralty & Commercial Courts As our members do not routinely have cases before these courts we do not consider it appropriate to comment upon whether the blanket exception to costs budgeting and costs management in such cases may be unnecessary. The Current Value Based Exceptions We favour the retention of […]

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Siemens Hearing Instruments v Friends Life Limited

The Message The law will seek to let justice triumph over technicalities. The Case In yet another break notice dispute, the Court has reached a decision based on the merits rather than a failure to follow the exact procedure required In 1997, Friends Life agreed to let to Siemens premises in Crawley for a term […]

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J Harvey v Dunbar Assets Plc

The Message Failure of a multiple guarantor to validly sign may invalidate all the guarantees. The Case J Harvey v Dunbar Assets Plc [30 July 2013] concerned the significant issue of whether a guarantor who had signed a guarantee was liable where another guarantor had failed to sign the guarantee. Dunbar Assets Plc made available […]

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