Publications: September 2013


Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance v The Mayor’s Office for Policing & Crime

The Message Law cases can highlight surprising old laws that still apply. The Case The High Court has determined who is ultimately liable for damage caused to the Sony distribution warehouse during the Tottenham riots. On the night of 8 August 2011. The Sony distribution warehouse in Enfield in North London was burnt down by […]

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Goodman v Elwood

The Message A positive covenant may burden successors. The Case Under English law, a positive covenant (such as maintaining a wall or making a payment) does not run with the land. That means that if the person with the obligation sells the land, his successor is not automatically bound. Goodman v Elwood [4 September 2013] […]

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Khan v Kane

The Message The Court can see the wood from the trees! The Case In an important case for practitioners and insurers, the Court has made clear when a homeowner will be liable for tree root damage to another property Mr and Mrs Khan own a house in Stanmore, Middlesex. Mrs Kane owns the house next […]

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