Publications: December 2013


Bristol Alliance v Bennett

The Message Entitlement to a specific performance remedy survives a company’s administration. 

The Case Bristol Alliance v Bennett [18 December 2013] concerns a landlord’s entitlement to a payment from a tenant due on completion of a surrender of the tenant’s lease. The complexity for the landlord was caused by the tenant company going into administration […]

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Tiger Aspect Holdings Limited v Sunlife Europe Properties Limited

The Message Dilapidations claims can be based on the cost of different works. The Case The Court of Appeal has upheld a Judgment awarding a landlord damages based on the cost of repairs undertaken notwithstanding the works involved alterations and improvements. In 2008, Tiger Aspect vacated an office building in Soho Square, London that they […]

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Iceland Foods Limited v Castlebrook Holdings Limited

The Message Parties need to better protect themselves against lease renewal costs. The Case In a rare Court Judgment on an unopposed business tenancy renewal, the Court has dealt interestingly with costs, as well the duration of the new lease and rent Iceland applied for a new lease of their supermarket premises in Sandbach, Cheshire. […]

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