Publications: November 2017


Reasonable Belief in Adverse Possession – 14 Years Later

ANDREW SKELLY, Hardwicke                                                        The doctrine of adverse possession arises from the Limitation Act 1980.  Section 15(1) provides that no action shall be brought by any person to recover any […]

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Disclosure: Proposed Pilot Scheme for the Business and Property Courts

On 2 November, the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary announced their intention to introduce a disclosure pilot in the Business and Property Courts in England and Wales.  Essentially, it is proposed that standard disclosure be abolished and replaced with a new concept of “basic disclosure” – for which no search is required – and “extended disclosure” […]

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9 Nov 2017. Blog from the outgoing Chair of the PLA – Alison Hardy

As I hand over to Martin Edwards and the new Executive Committee at this evening’s AGM, I am delighted to say that the PLA continues to go from strength to strength.  It has been an honour to be Chair of this fantastic Association, full of bright, charming and entertaining individuals, and to work closely with […]

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