Publications: August 2018


‘Unreasonable costs’ will not be capped – Tribunal Procedure Committee adopts PLA proposal

CoStar News by Paul Newman 28 August 2018 The Tribunal Procedure Committee has decided not to cap costs for unreasonable behaviour in leasehold and residential property cases following consultation and is instead adopting a proposal by the Property Litigation Association (PLA) to publish a guidance note. “This note aims to clearly explain Rule 13(1)(b), governing […]

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Unopposed Business Lease Renewals: 1954 Act Pilot in the Central London County Court

Central London County Court Effective: 1 January 2018 The First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) has provided us with the following documents – updated guidance note, standard form directions and listing questionnaire – to apply in the case of unopposed business lease renewals transferred to the FTT pursuant to the mandatory 1954 Act pilot for proceedings […]

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