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Autumn Training Day – Jackson – How bad is it really?

Introduction The Autumn of 2014 seems like a good time to pause and reflect on the Jackson reforms introduced in April 2013. A year and a half has passed: enough time for most practitioners to have had at least some practical experience of the new regime, whether by way of costs budgeting, disclosure or sanctions. […]

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Autumn Training Day – Valuation & Measurement Explained

What do all these figures mean? The vast majority of valuations are prepared using the comparison method, i.e. valuing land or buildings by reference to open market transactions, agreed values (e.g. at rent review) or determined values. Given that only very rarely are two buildings identical, then it is necessary to find a common unit of […]

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PLA Annual Debate – summary of costs discussion

Chair Keith Conway, Clyde & Co Panel HHJ Dight Chief Master Marsh Senior Costs Judge Gordon-Saker David Holland QC The PLA have conducted a survey of its members, cost lawyers and PBA members to gauge opinion on the recent Jackson Cost Budgeting reforms. The survey suggests a general dissatisfaction with the reforms and how the […]

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Annual Conference – All kinds of endeavours in a conditional contract

Introduction Hideous Developments Limited (“Hideous”) is looking for a major expansion of its residential housebuilding activities. Hideous thinks that it has found the perfect site when an agent effects an introduction to Green & Pleasant Land Bank Limited (“GP”). GP owns a large site (“the Site”), comprising picturesque agricultural land on the outskirts of a […]

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Annual Conference – Planning Issues for Property Litigators

Introduction This paper aims to achieve three things: sketch an introduction to  planning law for the relative novice; offer insight into certain discrete areas of planning law of particular relevance to property litigators; and where appropriate, update regarding recent (relevant) developments. It is hoped that the paper will encourage discussion at the seminar session itself. […]

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Annual Conference – Why, How & When Should A Tenant Reinstate Alterations

Introduction Damages for reinstatement are a background melody: There are lots of things that I really do not understand, but that has never stopped me from lecturing about them in the past. One of the things that strikes me as seriously curious is the lack of cases concerned with breach of the covenant to reinstate […]

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Annual Conference – Overcoming and enforcing restrictive covenants

Mediation Experience Gary is a full-time property mediator and has extensive experience, both as a barrister and as a mediator, in landlord and tenant disputes (commercial and residential) and disputes involving boundaries, rights of way and other easements, restrictive covenants, property joint ventures, co- ownership and other areas of property law. He also has a […]

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Annual Conference – Case Law Kaleidoscope

My brief this year (as in previous years) is to focus on the top 5 or so property law cases decided in the previous twelve months. It is fair to say that as regards significant property cases, the past year has been somewhat barren when compared with earlier years, so that the selection task has […]

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