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Law Commission consultation paper Updating the Land Registration Act 2002 – PLA response

PLA response to Law Commission consultation paper “Updating the Land Registration Act 2002” The Property Litigation Association (PLA) is a members’ association for professionals specialising in all aspects of commercial, residential and agricultural property litigation. We are lawyers who come from a variety of firms in terms of size and location. The PLA consists of […]

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Civil Courts Structure Review: Interim Report – PLA Response

This response has been prepared by the Property Litigation Association (“the Association”). The Association consists of approximately 1,200 members who spend a substantial amount of their time engaged in property related dispute resolution. The Association’s members deal with commercial as well as residential property disputes. The Review is a major piece of work and the […]

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PLA – Court Users Report – November 2015

Click on the link to download the report. PLA Court Users Report – FINAL – Nov 2015 Increased jurisdiction, increased fees, cutbacks and closures.  The report, commissioned by the PLA and based on feedback from PLA members on the state of the county courts, highlights declining service standards in an increasingly difficult operating environment.  The […]

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Lord Justice Briggs Interim Report on Civil Courts Structure Review

Introduction The Civil Courts Structure Review was commissioned by the Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls in July 2015. Its Terms of Reference are as follows: To carry out a review of the structure by which the Civil Courts (namely the County Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal) provide the State’s service for the resolution of civil disputes in England […]

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Provision of Court & Tribunal Estate in England & Wales – PLA response

Do you agree with the proposals? What overall comments would you like to make on the proposals? The PLA is not averse to change. We fully understand the financial reasons which have  given rise to the  proposal. However, what  is of concern is to ensure that, if the  proposal is put into effect, the service that the courts provide is […]

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Court & Tribunal Fees Consultation – PLA response

Do you agree with the proposal to raise the maximum fee for starting proceedings for the recovery of money from £10,000? No, the PLA strongly disagrees. As has been made clear in previous consultation responses, the PLA does not necessarily in principle object to enhanced fees, provided that: the fees are “back loaded” not “front […]

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The shorter and earlier trial procedures initiative – PLA response

Completed on behalf of the Property Litigation Association (PLA). The Property Litigation Association (PLA) responds to the consultation on the Shorter and Earlier Trial Procedures Initiative as set out below in our comments in red on the draft Practice Direction. PLA members specialise in all aspects of property litigation including commercial, residential and agricultural property […]

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