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Guide to Business & Property Work at Central London

The County Court at Central London have published a guide to Business and Property Work which contains guidance on the scope of the Business and Property Court, case management, interim applications and urgent work (including an email address for urgent work). This is essential reading for practitioners. The intention is that it will be updated […]

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Unopposed Business Lease Renewals: 1954 Act Pilot in the Central London County Court

Central London County Court Effective: 1 January 2018 The First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) has provided us with the following documents – updated guidance note, standard form directions and listing questionnaire – to apply in the case of unopposed business lease renewals transferred to the FTT pursuant to the mandatory 1954 Act pilot for proceedings […]

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The Boundary Disputes Protocol, with guidance notes

With PLA support, The Protocol for Disputes between Neighbours about the Location of their Boundary (The Boundary Disputes Protocol) has now been published. It applies where neighbours are in dispute about the location of the boundary between their properties. It aims to ensure that neighbours exchange sufficient information in a timely manner to minimise the […]

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The Dilapidations Protocol

On 1 January 2012 the Dilapidations Protocol was adopted as a formal pre-action protocol under the Civil Procedure Rules. The History The Dilapidations Protocol, a pre-action protocol by the Property Litigation Association, relating to dilapidations claims for damages against tenants at the termination of a tenancy, was first published in 2002, with the aim of […]

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Draft Directions for opposed and unopposed lease renewals

UNOPPOSED LEASE RENEWALS Click here to download Form BLR1.   Draft Directions prepared by HHJ Dight and circulated to judges at Central London County Court for unopposed lease renewals under the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act. OPPOSED LEASE RENEWALS Click here to download Form BLR3.   Draft Directions prepared by HHJ Dight and circulated to judges at the Central London […]

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