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NOTICE is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Property Litigation Association will be held at the offices of Hogan Lovells, Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FG on Monday, 15 October 2018 at 6pm.

Every member of the Property Litigation Association is entitled to attend and vote. A member is  entitled to appoint another person as their proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend and to speak and to vote at the meeting.  A proxy voting form can be downloaded here.


Resolution:   That the revised Articles of Association be adopted in substitution for the existing Articles.

Dentons Secretaries Limited
Company Secretary
By order of the Directors
London, September 2018

Explanatory notes on the proposed adoption of new Articles of Association to replace the existing Articles.

The new Articles of Association were approved by the PLA Executive Committee at its meeting on 21 September 2018 and it was resolved to call an Extraordinary General Meeting for the purpose of requesting that members of the Property Litigation Association approve the adoption of the new Articles.

This summary of the main changes to the Articles of the Association is intended to give you the headlines only and we encourage you to read the Articles in full.

2.10  To add, as a further Objective of the Association:  “to promote Property Litigation as a career and specialist area of legal practice”
6.2    To add the following category:  “those persons who practise property litigation in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland but who are not qualified solicitors and who have more than 6 years experience in practising property litigation as their full time role.”
8.4   To add “No more than 2 Honorary Members will be appointed in any one year.”

We ask that you approve these amendments to the Articles of Association and that you either vote by proxy or in person at the EGM to that effect. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Chair, Martin Edwards or any member of the Executive Committee.

Monday, 15th October 2018
18:00 - 18:30
Event Category:
Hogan Lovells International
Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct
London, EC1A 2FG
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