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An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Property Litigation Association will be held at the offices of Dentons, 1 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RA on Monday, 11 September 2017 at 6pm.

Every member of the Property Litigation Association is entitled to attend and vote. A member is entitled to appoint another person as their proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend and to speak and to vote at the meeting.  A proxy voting form can be downloaded here.


Special Resolution:  That the revised Articles of Association be adopted in substitution for the existing Articles.

Explanatory notes on the proposed adoption of new Articles of Association to replace the existing Articles.

Existing Articles showing proposed changes
New Articles

The new Articles of Association were approved by the PLA Executive Committee at its meeting on 10 July 2017 and it was resolved to call an Extraordinary General Meeting for the purpose of requesting that members of the Property Litigation Association approve the adoption of the new Articles.

This summary of the changes to the Articles of the Association is intended to give you the headlines only and we encourage you to read the Articles in full.

  • The draft articles now record the fact that we have:
    • A law reform sub-committee
    • An education and training sub-committee;
    • A website and marketing sub-committee;
    • A Junior PLA;
    • A President;
    • Members who are mediators;
    • A regional sub-committee and various sub-regional committees and JPLA regional committees.
  • We propose that members who are retiring should be able to take up a ‘retired’ membership.
  • We propose that the executive committee should be able to approve membership by individuals that would actively enhance the aims and objectives of the Association.  This is to reflect the requests by several academics to be members and we hope this will strengthen our ties with universities and thereby raise the profile of property litigation.
  • Where there is competition for places at events, we recommend that priority will be given to ‘full’ members.
  • Honorary, retired and associate members will not be entitled to vote at meetings, or be appointed as committee members.  Honorary members do not pay a membership fee.  The executive can choose how much the fee should be for retired and associate members, as they do for ‘full’ members.
  • As before, the committee cannot comprise more than one member from each firm.  We recognise that in light of consolidation in the legal market this can present difficulties, so we have proposed to allow this to happen by majority vote, to ensure that the merger of firms doesn’t prevent the association from functioning.
  • The President of the Association is appointed for 3 years, with the option of renewing on a rolling basis for periods of between 1 and 3 years.
  • We propose that a person can only be appointed as Chairman or Vice Chairman of the committee, if they have served for at least 2 years on the committee or a subcommittee of the Association.  This means that the Vice Chair of the Executive should be on the Executive itself, but having had at least 2 years’ experience on a sub-committee.
  • The Chairmanship continues to be for a one year term and during this time the Chair has no other role in the Association.  Once the Chair stands down, they can join a sub-committee but can’t become the Chair of a sub-committee or otherwise become an Officer of the Association for 3 years.
  • The Vice Chair of the Association will still accede to the role of Chair unless there is a majority vote of the Executive Committee that decides otherwise.
  • 3 months before the AGM, each committee Chair can put forward the name of one qualifying candidate for the role of Vice Chair.
  • The executive committee then vote for the Vice Chair by simple majority vote (excluding the candidate being considered). The Chair retains the casting vote in the case of a draw.
  • The Chairmanship of the various sub-committees and JPLA will work in a very similar way to the executive.  To be Chair, you must have been a member of that sub-committee for 2 years and the sub-committee appoints its own Chair by majority vote.
  • Sub-committee Chairs will hold the position for up to 3 years which can be extended by one year by majority vote.
  • The JPLA Chair will hold the Chairmanship for 2 years and this cannot be extended.
  • All regional sub-committees must have at least one JPLA member where possible.
  • We have defined the role of the Chair of the regions committee further, as this role has grown with the proliferation of regions, which we encourage.
  • All sub-committees will appoint Vice-Chairs to ensure that the work of the sub-committee is not dependent on the workload of the Chair.

PLA members are asked to approve the amendments to the Articles of Association and to either vote by proxy or in person at the EGM to that effect.

Any concerns or questions should be addressed to the Chair of the PLA, Alison Hardy, or any member of the Executive Committee.

Monday, 11th September 2017
18:00 - 19:00
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1 Fleet Place
London, EC4M 7RA United Kingdom
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