COVID-19 forfeiture moratorium – Q&As with MHCLG

The PLA’s Law Reform Committee has put to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) a number of questions and points requiring clarification regarding the protection of business tenancies from forfeiture for non-payment of rent in the Coronavirus Act 2020. This includes what payments and leases are covered by the moratorium, whether parties […]

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First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) Guidance for Users During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The FTT is publishing guidance for users during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Both the Southern and London office are now closed and although the other three centres in Cambridge, Birmingham and Manchester are still open, they are working with reduced capacity.  Parties are asked only to correspond with the Tribunal if absolutely necessary.  If offices are […]

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Courting disaster: EG article on the County Court users survey by Mathew Ditchburn

In 2015 the PLA surveyed its members on their experience of using the County Court. The results supported anecdotal evidence about how bad court administration had become, with 88% considering that it was not fit for purpose and 91% saying clients had expressed concerns about litigating in the County Court at all. Five years later, […]

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Consultation on powers to tackle unauthorised encampments? URGENT RESPONSES REQUIRED

In 2018 the Ministry of Communities and Local Government conducted a consultation to establish the effectiveness of the powers of the police and local authorities in relation to unauthorised developments and encampments. The response to that consultation signalled clear calls for the Government to improve enforcement against unauthorised encampments. In response, the Government announced that […]

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Guide to Business & Property Work at Central London

The County Court at Central London have published a guide to Business and Property Work which contains guidance on the scope of the Business and Property Court, case management, interim applications and urgent work (including an email address for urgent work). This is essential reading for practitioners. The intention is that it will be updated […]

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