12 December 2018

PLA welcomes academic members for the first time

PLA press release
12 December 2018


Leading academics in property law have been welcomed as associate members of the Property Litigation Association for the first time in a bid to strengthen its ties with academia and better promote this area of the law as a career choice to undergraduates.

The nine new academic members are:

Prof Susan Bright, University of Oxford
Prof Simon Cooper, Aston University
Amy Goymour, University of Cambridge
Prof Nick Hopkins, University of Reading
James Lee, King’s College, London
Dr Emma Lees, University of Cambridge
Prof Sarah Nield, University of Southampton
Dr Brian Sloan, University of Cambridge
Dr Lisa Whitehouse, Hull University

Two major thrusts of the Property Litigation Association (PLA) are reform and education. Since it was established in 1995, its membership has steadily grown, and this latest move is a natural and timely extension of its articles of association.

Bryan Johnston, chair of the Property Litigation Association, commented:

“The drive, motivation and enthusiasm of these members will enrich the PLA and contribute immensely to our aims. They are the leading minds in their specialist areas and it is fundamental that their knowledge and expertise be captured at the practice end of real estate litigation. Conversely, having strong ties to academia gives the PLA a deeper reach into universities and helps to promote property litigation as a career choice at undergraduate level.

“This is just the start of an exciting journey. We aim to utilise the strength of our regional network to link regionally-based academics to regional PLA contacts to establish and then deepen relationships across the country. Our academic members strengthen our ability to deliver our objectives.”

James Lee of King’s College, London, speaking on behalf of the new academic members, said: “It is a privilege to be appointed as one of the first academic members of the Property Litigation Association alongside eminent scholars in the field of property law. I look forward to working with my fellow academics and professional members of the association to promote its valuable efforts in the fields of education, training and reform, and to increasing opportunities for students to learn about this important area of legal practice.”

For further information, please contact:
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The Property Litigation Association is a members’ organisation for professionals specialising in property litigation, including commercial, residential and agricultural property law. Established in 1995, the Association has around 1,400 members and plays an important role in lobbying for improvements in property law, the court service and a wide range of judicial matters. It also organises regular courses, training seminars and conferences alongside a calendar of social events.