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Membership criteria

The Property Litigation Association welcomes new members who are qualified to join. Please refer to our Articles of Association for details as well to the Membership Application Guidelines to ensure you meet the criteria before applying. In summary, solicitors (but not trainees), legal executives and employed barristers may become members if they are substantially engaged* in property litigation or property mediation. This is generally taken to exclude construction and planning.

Membership fee

The membership fee for 2023-24 is £90pa, an invoice for which will be raised following approval. Membership automatically entitles the member to all member benefits. The PLA year runs from 1st September to 31st August. New members may join the Association at any time but the full subscription is payable unless the application is made in July or August in which case the first payment will fall due at the beginning of the next membership year in September.


The application should be endorsed by two referees who must be current members of the Association. In exceptional circumstances an application may be considered without a proposer or seconder provided the applicant provides full details of his / her property litigation practice, in this instance please do contact us prior to applying.

Application process

The Executive Committee meet on the first Monday of the month to approve applications, they will review your profile on your firm’s website to ensure the criteria for membership is met. If you don’t have a profile please supply a few lines detailing your caseload and demonstrating that you meet the criteria.

*this generally means more than 50% of the applicant’s practice however exceptions may be made at the discretion of the PLA Executive Committee.

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