01 May 2024

PLA Comedy Night

PLA Comedy Night
Joz Norris and PLA Member Niall Carey
Members attending the recent PLA Comedy Night at the West End Comedy Club, a quirky little venue above the Covent Garden Social Club, were treated to three fantastic comedians brought together by a desire to explore mental health through comedy and raise money for the vital work of three charities providing support and advice to men struggling with their mental health.
Dave Chawner
Dave Chawner, number 1 best-selling author, award-winning stand up, presenter and mental health campaigner started out in his career using humour in a sensitive way to explore his anorexic past. His set used comedy to talk about mental health (rather than mental illness) lead with positivity rather than negativity, breaking down barriers to normalise and destigmatise discussion around this topic.
Joz Norris

Joz Norris uses absurdism to say things that words can’t express, exploiting the bizarre and ridiculous to convey deep meaning in a way that resonates. Joz believes absurdist comedy is better placed to give voice to the parts of ourselves that cause us pain than any other art form. And his set was absurdly funny, engaging the audience with his vulnerability and madcap stunts which involved getting one of the audience to get up on stage to hold his hand to help with his stage fright, the demonstration of his handsfree beard scratcher invention and taking off most of his clothes (photographs censored - you had to be there!). 
Eshaan Akbar

Eshaan Akbar, described by The Times as "a big talent the making", has been very open about his own mental health struggles. He didn't shy away from talking about these issues in his set as well hilariously sharing his experiences of, and the benefits of being, (as he describes himself) a "fat deaf asian".

You can find out about the work of the three charities supported on the night below. Please talk about and share the resources available on their websites with your network and donate to provide funds to support their vital work.

At MANUP?, our ultimate aim is to render ourselves obsolete. We envision a future where our services are no longer needed because the stigma surrounding men’s mental health has been eradicated, and effective support systems are universally accessible. Until then, we remain steadfast in our mission.
Funds raised at the Comedy Night are supporting us to make real differences. Every penny donated is a step towards dismantling barriers and building a world where mental health is openly discussed and adequately supported. You can continue to support MANUP? by donating. Together, we are more than a charity; we are a movement.

James' Place

James’ Place saves the lives of men in suicidal crisis, offering free, life-saving treatment to suicidal men at centres in Liverpool, London and Newcastle. Our professional therapists get quickly to the heart of a man’s suicidal crisis and help him to solve it. James' Place is unique because their treatment is proven to work, quick to access and delivered in a safe, friendly, non-clinical environment by trained, professional therapists. We have treated over 2,300 suicidal men since 2018, helping them find hope for the future.

James' Place relies on charitable donations so all funds raised really do make a difference and help us save lives - you can help by donating and/or fundraising. People fundraise in a whole host of ways. If any PLA members or their firms would like to fundraise for James' Place, please get in touch via fundraising@jamesplace.org.uk.

ANDYSMANCLUB are a men’s suicide prevention charity, offering free-to-attend peer-to-peer support groups across the United Kingdom and online. We want to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and help men through the power of conversation. #ITSOKAYTOTALK

You can support by inviting us to speak - our team are always out on the road or online delivering talks and awareness sessions to businesses, charities and other organisations nationwide or by donating to support our weekly, free-to-attend peer-to-peer support groups for men aged over 18 which create a judgment-free, confidential space where men can be open about the storms in their lives, reducing male suicide. Contact info@andysmanclub.co.uk.