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The PLA has had a Scotland Committee for many years which, like the PLA as a whole, is focused on education, training and law reform.

In Scotland, both the substantive law and procedure is different to south of the border. Whilst it is common to find English cases being referred to in Scottish courts and vice-versa, the differences can be significant. For example, in Scotland there is no direct equivalent to The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

The PLA is committed to providing high-quality training and networking opportunities for its members in Scotland, often delivered in conjunction with RICS Scotland and the Scottish branch of the Property Bar Association. Our Scotland Committee has also been involved in relevant Law Commission discussion papers and Civil Justice Council proposals.

Lynsay Cargill, Chair, PLA Scotland

Morton Fraser MacRoberts, Edinburgh
0131 229 5046

PLA Scotland Committee

Sheila Webster, Davidson Chalmers Stewart
Alan McMillan, Burness Paull
Gareth Hale, Brodies 
Paul Forrester Smith, Turcan Connell
Fiona Macgregor, Dentons

Education, Training & Events

We work with specialist solicitors, advocates, other professionals (e.g. surveyors and insolvency practitioners) and with courts and tribunals to deliver training at the cutting edge of property related matters - from dilapidations and lease disputes, to insolvency, title conditions, valuation and general property law. We liaise with the WS Society, RICS and the Scottish branch of the Property Bar Association to deliver appropriate training for our members. We also hold networking events for members to meet, share practise and socialise. 

Law Reform

We are actively involved in relevant SLC discussion papers, Scottish Civil Justice Council proposals and, in addition, are a consultee for the Property Standardisation Group. As part of our role, we consult with all PLA members in Scotland where possible to form a response which reflects the differing views of members over a diverse range of practise areas and geographical locations.

Sophie Airth, Chair, JPLA Scotland

Brodies LLP

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