02 October 2021

Updated version of the PLA working groups' E-Signatures and E-Signing Platform paper

On 26 October 2020 PLA published a working paper on e-signatures. It was put together by a working group of PSLs across a number of firms.

The working group has now published an updated version of the E-Signatures and E-Signing Platform paper, which was originally circulated on 28 September 2020. The paper has been revised and updated to take account of changes in Land Registry Practice Guide 8 made on 15 February 2021 and 9 August 2021 and the new Land Registry Guidance: Signatures accepted by HM Land Registry published on 28 June 2021 and other developments in market practice. The changes that have been made include:

  • new section 7 on powers of attorney
  • new section 8 on electronic sealing
  • new Schedule 7 containing links to checklists for use in corporate, general commercial or finance transactions
  • updated sections relating to witnessing now that some platform providers have witnessing functionality that complies with the Land Registry’s e-signature requirements
  • our view that any conveyancer who has controlled the electronic signing process on behalf of one or more electronically signing parties should provide a Land Registry compliance certificate to the firm that is making any application to the Land Registry

Click here to read the previous working paper published on 26 October 2020.